Ten Second Postcards
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The Ten Second Postcards are really a wealth of information as well as a self mailing greeting.

Called Ten Second Postcards because the sender can quickly "check off" his letter, this novel idea combines the praticality of a postcard with the helpfulness of a travel guide and the convenience of an envelope! Want to send a quick greeting that tells a lot?
Just check off the boxes, fold, lick & press the tabs to create a self-sealed, photographic message for family or friends.

Added bonuses:

A complete seal allows for the enclosure of photos, notes etc.

Beautiful illustrated map on the outside can be marked to show a travel route.

Local information inside is a usefull listing of local sites & attractions.

Perforated flaps allow the recipient to open their greeting without tearing.

These Ten Second Postcards are a collage of photos with info on the inside and sport a beautiful watercolor illustration on the outside. They are displayed in a compact plexi display that provides a top area for the shopper to view the product front and back. We have one for each of 12 different destinations.

Do you have an attraction or destination that you would like to showcase? Contact us for complete information and pricing on a custom designed Check Box Letter.

"Check It Out!"